October 19th, 2015

Digital India

What a proud moment was it to see the tricolour splashed across Mark Zuckerberg’s profile pic. All for the DigitalIndia Campaign.

With innovative campaigns ranging from Swaccha Bharat to Selfie with Daughter, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has explored unique ways of governing. One such campaign was Digital India that was launched recently with an aim to “digitize” India.

The Digital India campaign has already seen a widespread support in its initial stage, thousands of people changing their profile pictures in support of the campaign bears testimony to that.

World is swiftly moving towards the Digital Age, and to keep up with the new trends this is the right time for India to get-set-and-go. The country has embarked upon a journey to make society more “digitally empowered”. So we are looking at — latest digital infrastructure, improved digital literacy and better governance with online services.

Huge plans are being made for e-governance, mobile apps for government projects, wifi zones across the country and one-stop-solution based online portals for scholarships, payments, records, registrations etc. Does that mean no more hours in queues, no more bribing to get work done, no more returning and re-returning to government offices day after day for one simple work? How effective the campaign is going to be, we are yet to see.

For now, the nation is waiting with bated breath to relish the fruits of the digital revolution, which will hopefully accelerate the painfully slow government procedures and connect India to the world, bringing it on par with the other countries. Looks like Acche Din ( Good Times) are not long, after all.

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